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#1 Re: Main Forum » Who am I? » 2013-05-22 06:37:24

Changes each time.

Anyways, it's very easy to accrue lots of money in this game by nefarious means, but it just simply isn't the goal of the game (if there is a goal at all in fact).

The only thing money is good for (and paintings for that matter), outside of building traps, is making your house a greater target for thieves.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Family psychology » 2013-05-22 06:35:28

jasonrohrer wrote:

Yeah, I am conservative with my designs.  A lot of designers throw every possible thing they can think of into a game (beds!  cakes!  mice!  bats!  jump-boots!).  That's a valid and rich style of design, but it's not my style.

Coming back to the family as liability, I believe that's been fixed in the forthcoming v6 in a pretty simple way:  the family stays put and doesn't start running to the exit until they see the robber.  Thus, it becomes possible to protect them, because the robber has to find them.  Of course, they have to still have a clear path to the exit.

Though now I've realized that it might be possible to overprotect the family....  put them down a long, snaking hallway with 9 pitbulls in it.  More thought needed here.

Here is suggestion:

Before you begin your life with your family and money you must choose a defensive or aggressive family.  A defensive family will be based on your new rules and you will not be able to place pitbulls.  If you choose an aggressive family however, they will behave with the old rules (i.e., run), but you can place pitbulls (and perhaps have more money too).

Now, another addition would be that dead/sleeping pit bulls would be treated as dead family members, thus stopping a families run immediately.  This means aggressive houses which use pit bulls at the entrance will now be a valid way to stop the intruder from getting to the family (A-D-ing at the entrance just won't cut it anymore), as once that pitbull cuts off the families exit, the jig is up.  This also means that with defensive houses being free of pit bulls, the intruder cannot cut off their means of escape by abusing this trick, which means the family will always get to the exit if they can.

Not necessarily a solution, but a direction towards a solution possibly.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Prevent Broken Impossible Houses » 2013-05-22 06:23:46

NoisySplatter wrote:
colorfusion wrote:
NoisySplatter wrote:

From getting frustrated enough to hack the game to have a look. There is no way there should be a trap that kills you on the first tile so I figured cheating wasn't all that bad in this situation.

Some traps are broken by past thieves, the owner didn't have to cheat to get their house into a state where it's not possible.

Not sure how smart it is to admit to hacking for an advantage on the official forums, although I suppose what you did wasn't too bad.

Jason said cheating is acceptable if you can prove a flaw in the game. This is an alpha after all.

The problem is that you can just get kicked out of your own house to the robbery menu by idling for a long time. This has the effect of leaving your trap in its last saved state and also putting your house back onto the robbery market for more unwitting rubes to die in.

Don't worry about the flack you are getting for reading houses in from the stdout file or the game file, many of us do it, and I call it 'debugging'.  This is why Jason is introducing maps after all, so don't feel bad.  You have shown that the player who created this house is the true hacker, as he is manipulating the code of the game to create a challenge which is unfair for other players.

By the way, what is the players name?  I can't boot the game up at the moment to check it out.  I always assumed that house was simply impossible because it had been attempted and was broken, but you have shown this is not the case.  Anyways, report it to Jason and he will wipe it.

#4 Re: Main Forum » v.6 Electric Floor Tool? » 2013-05-22 06:16:39

jasonrohrer wrote:
DrNoid wrote:

That does lead me to an important question: When you look at a map, do you see the initial state of the house, or the current (post robbery) state of the house?

You see the current state of the house (like where dogs are, etc.), but you don't see whether things in the house are modified or not (like, you can't tell the difference between living and dead dogs on the map).  This is partly for simplicity of implementation (so I don't have to make blueprint versions of each and every thing in the game, fried pitbull, crippled pitbull, etc.), and partly for thematic reasons (because a dead dog wouldn't be in the blueprints).  So, a cut-through wall just looks like a normal wall in the blueprint (thematically, damaged stuff is not shown in blueprints).

I feel it is odd thematically that you could get a blueprint for a house after a robbery and it will appear with those new changes.  Why would the player not receive the original 'blueprint' of the house design?

Also, when you mentioned things modified, are you referring to switches too, ie, if an off switch is now on does it still appear as an off switch?

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