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#1 Re: News » Version 12 Released » 2013-07-04 12:51:39

Hi, Jason.

I've only discovered the forum after this update, and decided to create an account to say a couple of things.

This is slightly off topic, but i'd like to begin by saying that I have HUGE respect for you because you've succeeded in making a great game.
I really enjoyed playing Castle Doctrine, especially the earlier versions (prior to the introduction of blueprints).
It's not that I've ever built a combination lock, the game was just at its best back then (IMO).

Now back to the topic.
To be honest, this update has taken away the last moments of joy i've had in the game.
Here is my reasoning (please note, that all of the below is just my humble opinion):
* Building mazes and traps is awesome, while creating puzzles is not.
* Solving puzzles (particularly, the ones relying on animals in sight) is even worse.
* Lack of ability to react to players movements in a secret way renders the absolute majority of more or less elaborate traps unusable.
     More than that - it renders some of the most commonly built types of traps useless.
* Finally, I'm lazy. There's a limit to the complexity of stuff i'm building,
     and all the trap designs i've managed to come up with after the update are either too complicated, or fall before the mighty 2$ brick.

Therefore, I don't think I'll be playing anymore.
It's sad, but given the wide consensus on certain topics that the forum displays, the community will probably be better off without me or, for that matter, people like me.

Thanks for all the fun I've had in your awesome game. No hard feelings.

P.S.: Also, please know, that I'm not writing this in order to demand some changes or something like that. Just saying good bye.

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