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#1 Re: News » On Self Defense » 2013-08-11 09:20:34

largestherb wrote:

ahh. firearms are totally cool when you're not using them for the ancient 'intended' purpose, but every single person who has such a piece of sporting equipment definitely needs to have some thorough background checks and be placed onto a register. self-defence should most definitely not be an option when filling in the firearm owners application form, and anyone who even tries to mention that should probably be put onto another list, 'do not ever give a firearm to this person'

I have to disagree. Now, I'm a pretty spiritual pacifist type person and I'll probably never buy a gun, or even a weapon besides a wooden plank. I'm still of the opinion guns should be legal for self-defence, while requiring proper background checks and registration.

There's several examples of crimes that could have been stopped by guns. e.g. all those school mass murders. What if the staff had access to a high powered rifle? I'm fairly sure AR-15s are legal in some states in the US. If those schools had one or even several of those, and some of the staff had training, maybe those massacres could have been avoided. What about the Aurora shootings guy? Maybe if some of the people in there had pistols, there could have been less deaths. He wasn't even wearing a bullet proof vest.

Other situations include things like assault or home invasion. If you have a gun, the attackers are much more likely to back off. Even if there's 10 people, they aren't going to be stupid enough to attack you if you pull a pistol on them. They don't want to die.

Other problems include things like the fact that gun bans don't stop criminals getting guns anyway. And then you end up with the situation where all the criminals have the guns and none of the civil people do, so the civil people can't defend themselves.

You also have the problem of a tyrant government, which from what I've seen may very well be happening in America right now. Some really sketchy laws have been passed there.

Now, I'm all for less guns and less violence. It's just that banning guns doesn't solve the problem. The only way to solve it is to teach people there's a better way, that guns and violence aren't necessary. Until then I'd rather have civil people having access to the means to defend themselves from criminals and well if you ban guns, they just don't have any options.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Minimum Price to defend the wife from $2000 in tools? » 2013-07-10 17:54:12

jasonrohrer wrote:

It seems like changing animal behavior so that animals avoid standing next to dead animals (like, they smell the death from one square away), but that pit bulls still attack you if you're standing next to a dead animal (their desire to attack overrides their aversion to the death-smell) would change this.

With this change, I'm pretty sure I can design a house for $4200 that'd stop two sets of $2000 tools, or one set of $3599 tools. Add another $400, and it'd stop up to $4099 in tools I think. Of course the safe would be completely vulnerable (one space form the exit).

#3 Main Forum » Minimum Price to defend the wife from $2000 in tools? » 2013-07-09 00:01:34

Replies: 34

It's not possible to defend the wife with starting $2000. The only two ways I know of that even get close is two dogs with thick walls which costs about $2500. The other way is dog/cat chain which costs even more. Both rely on them not being able to reach the safe.

...And well I figured out a way I'm 99% sure stops them reaching the safe or the wife, for $4915... Assuming they don't figure out the magic dance (which they can't scout). Or get $2100 in tools.

It feels to me the game design really wants the wife to die.

#4 Re: Main Forum » money money money » 2013-07-07 21:55:30

jasonrohrer wrote:

There's a related issue of "free money" sitting in a house where the player has started a new life and goes out scouting.  There's a disincentive against this, though, because if your scouting pays off, you may return home to no money and a dead wife.  So, I think it pretty much handles itself.

The player can just suicide in their home, (avoiding chills) get another free $2000 and then make a proper home, making sure they get the proper tools to rob the house (if they need any at all).

#5 Re: Main Forum » Suicide vandalism exploit? » 2013-07-07 21:46:22

I just had this happen to me. Guy (Mr. Zayas) comes in with $2000 worth of tools, kills my family, steals $21, and destroys as much as possible. Doesn't reach the safe though. Then a Mr. Golden comes in with another $1500~ worth of tools, destroys more stuff, and gets to my safe stealing $22.

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