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#1 Re: Main Forum » My ideas - Make the house a home » 2013-09-05 10:36:04

Maybe the spam of 500 cupboards would be recognised by a [Money based on the house wealth] system and that house wouldn't be worth robbing at all; Which you may think is what we want, but ...

The player won't have much recognition for their wealth, little success will be shown. He may rob loads of house and have money, but what is the point of having loads of money, if for one you can't do anything but build a 500 box maze, with the money hopefully an incentive of creating challenges arise perhaps.

If the player cared about their house as much as they did their vault and wife the perhaps some solutions could be made; player hub maybe?

#2 Re: Main Forum » My ideas - Make the house a home » 2013-09-05 10:26:25

I think an element could be added to the game as well, with the mass amounts of money the player could decorate their home to show their success at the game, pure asthetics in cases, ect ... wall paintings.

The realistic home with aesthetics would arise from the fortune of the player, the house in fact being a trophy of his/her success.

If there were to be furniture added, the placement would be in a design so natural to us anyhow that it would feature the realistic of a house anyhow. If you implement a police system, then having furniture well placed and concealed would lead the robber to [search] furniture with no merit ect wasting time ... that only impede his/her success before the police arrive.

The gameplay is from the addition of furniture, [Search n find]

My idea doesn't feel like a perfect solution or anything, clearly since a guy could just create a house with 500 cupboards n 1 key, but I'll work on some ideas

#3 Main Forum » My ideas - Make the house a home » 2013-09-05 09:27:45

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I feel the game is more of a dungeon than a home; for this reason there's a lot of grief with magic dances, and combo locks, I respect the game for what it is but it feels endless in its search for balance and perhaps needs a overhaul.

The aspect feels obvious in that people do not want their money lost more than creating eventful and enjoyable inhabitants. Very few can appreciate the work that goes into these mindful death-traps because most of the robbers [New players mostly] die within a few steps and just frustrates.

The game is intently harsh and for this reason people feel the need to create unsolvable mazes just to survive.

You could say that's life and people will go to lengths to protect their wealth and family, but never to the extremes of having a house filled with 50 pitfalls, 20 switches of death ect ... wouldn't the families life be a misery?


I feel the direction will be best suited where the player wants to invite robbers into their house increasing [exploration and discovery], which in turn grants rewards [Maybe monetary gain from police most wanted], [loot left by robber] [Reputation ect...] - Clearly no one would want to get robbed in real life, but having systems in place, confidence can be built that even if an intruder did enter that they will fail.

+ I think the wealth of the house should be based on the wealth it took to create it. Thus it's more rewarding to rob the house with most esteem than a new player who hasn't got a chance.

+ Perhaps the addition of furniture [Bookcases] [Draws] [Cupboards] [Rugs] - Includes hidden keys, switches. - But also the furniture increases the wealth of the overall house.

+ Add lighting [Lamps] - By using these an illusion can be made by focusing what the robber can see, alluring them into traps and taking their attention away from what they should be looking at.

+ A surveillance camera or trip wires which boasts a timer in which the police will arrive.

+ Give the player money to create a house and time to perpare it; instead of having corridors with, power switch, electric floor ect ... create a welcoming environment which adds the element of surprise and uncertainty. If a player enters a house and sees the usual bulldog, animal trap they leave and no progression is made, if they enter and see a welcoming environment it's more enticing to explore and if the houseowner made it well enough, to trap the robber/ kill.

I'll end this post for now as it may be lost on people and I don't want to continue until I hear feedback.

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