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#1 Re: News » Why Rampant Sales are Bad for Players » 2014-01-15 14:28:20

Hi, Jason, really big fan of your work. As a fan, I really appreciate the consideration you're giving in potentially sacrificing lifetime revenue in favor of benefits for your earliest adopters and biggest fans.

It sounds like this is a both a moral issue for you (not wanting to burn people paying full price right before the game gets a 75% discount) and also an unconventional economic theory (continued consideration for your fans will result in dedicated fans who will support you early and often, and in the long run be potentially more beneficial than regular or semi-regular sales from people who don't care about your games).

I was wondering if you considered any options other than the minecraft model, such as early adopters of your game get permanent discounts for future games? Or if in the future your games will start with an even lower base price and increase more gradually than 50% off, 25% off, 0% off?

Hope this works out for you!

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