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#1 Re: News » Why Rampant Sales are Bad for Players » 2014-01-16 02:37:50

first sorry for my english wich is not at all my first language, so if I speak like I'm a bit retarded, well, it's just hard to express precise opinions in another language.

First I think you making a really good observation, but I'm still wondering about the conclusion.

There are a lot of different reasons to buy a game at full price or at sales. Money, time or even interest in a game or blunt curiosity or luck. I got AAA or indies first day because I felt invested in the project. When the games get on sales after, I don't feel rob or anything, simply because nothing was taken back from me. On the contrary, when the game is on sale, I tell everybody who wouldn't want to buy that game at full price "come on, only a couple of buck for a fantastic game, no excuses". One of my friend buy Dear Esther and never played it, well, too bad - but another one buy Little Inferno and played it to the end, and that's great.
Because when you speak about people actually playing the game, well, it's not about how much people played it, but how much had the opportunity to play it and would never had otherwise. If Inside a Star-filled Sky was never on sale, I would never have bought it. Would never talk about it with people. There are different way for a game to exist and even if it don't come out as number of player or time played, there is the discussions, the publicity and the way you think about it when playing other games. Well, you don't always have to play to the game to make it exist. I really enjoyed the concept of Star-filled Sky, but never played a lot. Why? because it's not my kind of game. But the opportunity to buy it cheap just to have the taste of it and give some money to the dev appeals to me. Yes sometimes I buy game just to participate or for my curiosity and that's why sales are great too.

So maybe you will gain some fan with your buy early cheaper. But you incite people to buy a game before release, a thing I don't find very fair -and yes 60€ early access seem crazy to me - because there is no opinion yet of the game, no way to know what you are really buying.

Well, that's all, sorry for my clumsy post, but I think thatyour solution only take in consideration the bad of sales, but not the opportunity to make people simply discover the game, even if it's only 1% of the people who bought the game on sales. That's the way to have more people trying to play it. I don't think fans will be mad if the game is on sale, simply because they love the game, and that's not really a matter of money when we are around these prices. I hope the majority of the players are not these guys always counting that you present for whom the value of the game is in the price they payed it.

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