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#1 Re: News » Why Rampant Sales are Bad for Players » 2014-01-17 05:52:04

You do realize theres people, like me, and most of my country, where a game costs 10-20% of our salary.. and sales are the only way we actually get to buy them ?
The game will have great community and players and popularity if it is really good, like WoW, Minecraft, Mass Effect or skyrim. They even sell alphas online now... (day-z, rust), thats just an example on how popular they are and didn't even launch.
Most of them aren't even online so having people doesn't really matter and doesn't hurt the experience..
The online ones are mostly designed for 2-5 friends and they all buy it on some sale down the line. the MMOs stay up for years and you buy and play with your friends even if the game is 3 years old.. So I don't see your point, most of your arguments are useless and it just feels like you want it that way because it's better for you.
Your advocating buying every game on launch.. even if its cheaper, and later becoming more expensive... that will work completely the other way, since the poor people who cant afford it on launch might not be able to afford it anyway in that windows, and then be forever without the opportunity to buy it... and don't tell me it's gonna have more opportunities with lower price later since thats what sales are...
Im sorry but I can't see your ideas being good in any way except for the rich kids who want to buy everything on launch, don't even play half the games they buy and want to save some cash by buying cheap.
Still it's nice to see someone challenging the common ideas, but good luck next time.

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