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#1 Re: News » Why Rampant Sales are Bad for Players » 2014-01-22 15:34:19

Jason i am with you!

This should be a message to all Devs around the world.
Release the Early game with a really low price first and if people are willing to buy it!
just get it higher and higher by finding the price that suits you best for the maintenance of the servers, for the development of the quality of the game and for you!

BUT please let us give it a value first by buying it !

We know minecraft did it and we know it has to be done that way....

My point!!! There are less people who will buy it for a higher price and the others will have to wait weeks or months to see the price go down!
A lot of people can't afford the price but they would like to help you develop your game along the way!
But that way you are breaking the communities apart by separating them with Christmas sales, Weekly deals and after a Year players!

- Let's say 4-5 months after the release :
and i just found this Game!
If i am one of those who can't afford a game with moderate price but really wants to pay for it because it has potentials and community, I will make an invest on my entertainment!
This way you will build a nice thing going on for your self approval (happiness) and your wallet!

Well i have seen communities brake apart and then come back because of the sales
and this loop maybe it is Steam's trick to boost the wallet of devs but also takes the money away from one game and send them to another same goes with the players!

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