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#1 Re: News » Why Rampant Sales are Bad for Players » 2014-01-22 19:26:07

Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. That's something only time will decide; me? Well I decided to just now throw a mere ten dollar bill at my screen and try it out. smile

#2 Re: News » On Self Defense » 2014-01-22 18:35:53

bvanevery wrote:

I'd like to add a racist note to the end of this.  It is my anecodotal experience that disproportionate numbers of black children in the USA are deadly afraid of dogs.  Not all by a long shot.  Some like dogs just fine.  But if I'm going to hazard a guess as to which children are afraid of dogs, without even looking at them, I'm going to say they're black.  They might be from India, a rare few might be Hispanic, but they're almost never white and if they're scared to death, they're usually black.  Sometimes I get these ridiculous reactions even from pre-teens or teenagers when walking down the street, scared to death and jumping out of the way of my 65 lb. rather nice on-a-leash lab mix dog.  I ran this racist observation past a friend of mine from NYC who did lots of work with disadvantaged youth back in the day.  It didn't surprise him a bit and he said it's the legacy of people growing up in neighborhoods where dogs are viewed as weapons.  Hence why I use the phrase "weaponized" above, as I've met plenty of smaller pits that are just fine.

I can attest to this. Yes, I own a PITBULL and she's Lab with Rottwieler, APBT, Boxer, & Greyhound in her - and yes, she will get aggressive - but she is always friendly on a first-come basis, meaning she will absolutely love you unless you harm her even around other dogs. Yet, only one of my dark-skinned friends tolerates her and plays with her; anyone else with colored skin, their first instinct is demanding to "put that thing away".

bitbutter wrote:
largestherb wrote:

i think the american 'right to bear arms' is a completely hilarious and obviously out-dated sentiment

The question isn't 'why should people have guns?', the relevant question is: does it strike you as morally acceptable to use threats of force against peaceful people to take their things? For me the answer is clearly no.


The key issue behind gun ownership is taking or restricting it is a means of guaranteed threat of violence against peaceful individuals whose motives always have a clear basis of self-preservation, based upon a likelihood of something possibly happening instead of something already having happened in the best case scenario. For this, I'm against banning even convicts from owning guns as well - a criminal upon having paid his time deserves no less a right to self-preservation than someone else.

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