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#1 Re: News » Why Rampant Sales are Bad for Players » 2014-01-23 16:17:22

I just registered to say, I have the exact same opinion on this topic. I currently have 196 games on my Steam games list. Half of them, I had no idea that I have. Sure, many are from HIB (not so humble anymore if you ask me), but the list was approaching 100 games way before the original HIB was released!

I am a victim of Steam sales, and at some point I realized this and simply stopped buying games on Steam.

Currently, I am focusing on Nintendo games/consoles. Their prices are mostly fixed, and they are exceptionally open about what their games actually are and how they play out, who they appeal to and who they might not appeal to. Have you ever read an Iwata Asks article? There was one about Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, where they pretty much highlighted how all the previous Zelda games always got players stuck at one point or another, and how the new game fixes that. Have you ever seen a Nintendo Direct video? They explain gameplay in extreme detail, clearly not hiding anything from the viewer. Sometimes they can go rambling on about one game for over 10 minutes, explaining everything about it, even for complicated games. This can get boring and tiresome at times, but by the end of a Nintendo Direct I always know which games I want and, perhaps more importantly, which games I don't want.

I fully agree we should end this "race to the bottom" craziness. I wish the industry went in the opposite direction like you're doing right now.

Regarding your game... I don't want it.
I don't remember how I first heard of you. It was way before Between was on Steam, I'm quite sure, and way before Sleep is Death. I just saw some of your weird pixel-art games and I liked it.

When I first heard of SiD it was an instant buy for me, not because I thought it was an awesome game but because it had your name on it. I can't say it was a calculated buy, but I did end up having quite a bit of fun with it, including the second-most-viewed story on SiDTube (don't ask me how that happened, it was crap). But, I think it's safe to say that the game's popularity didn't last long at all.

IASFS is a great-looking game that I never got to play. This was well into my "I'm not buying games anymore" phase. My backlog is so huge and varied that even if I had bought it, I probably never would have played it anyway.

As for DToL and TCD: these simply don't interest me. They both sound absolutely awesome, but I know my interests and they aren't it. Thank you for not hiding this from me, or tricking me otherwise. I hope to buy games from you in the future. smile

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