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#1 Main Forum » Death --> "Return to your house" --> House being robbed bug » 2014-01-27 17:50:00

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Small bug, I wanted to posted it here so that it was documented.

I was robbing another house and was killed by the wife. After I died however, I was bizarrely promoted to "Return to your house." Upon clicking the button, I was informed that a robbery was in progress, and was taken to the House Selection screen.

From here, I was able to enter and attempt to rob houses at will, with every death leading to the same series of events: "Return to your house" instead of starting a new life, and then having a robbery in progress. I checked the Security Tapes regularly, but none had been created.

I tried exiting out (I was using Steam) and reentering, but it didn't work. I think tried launching the standalone client, to the same end. Finally, one of the deaths allowed me to properly start over.

I know I don't have much useful reproduction information attached to this, and things have been fine since it's happened, but again, wanted to make sure it was documented somewhere.

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