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#1 Re: Main Forum » Server Help! :) » 2014-02-05 17:29:52 … p_a_Server

Get the game server up and running

Section G.

Good Luck! smile Let me know if it works!

#3 Re: Main Forum » Starting a server/mod documentation » 2014-02-05 08:03:28

I think i'm having a similar problem. I'm using an unmodified client to connect to my own server. What should the sharedClientSecret be?

#4 Re: Main Forum » Server Help! :) » 2014-02-05 07:51:04

If i don't change any of the encryption keys - should it work?

#5 Main Forum » Server Help! :) » 2014-02-04 22:13:56

Replies: 12

I've setup the Ticket Server, The Server, and Reflector

I can create tickets and go to the server url.

However when I try to login I get "Login Failed" and in the Log it shows

2014-02-04 23:08:04:
[user_id = 2] Transaction denied for user_id 2, hmac check failed
2014-02-04 23:08:04:
[user_id = 2] Transaction denied with the following get/post data:  action=check_hmac&user_id=2&sequence_number=0&ticket_hmac=888AE17B225B0536ACF77286E98914FD487C64B3

Any Ideas? I went through and verified i had the $sharedEncryptionSecret

Thanks! smile

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