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#1 Re: Main Forum » family and free path » 2014-02-10 18:09:05


Can someone confirm doesn't keeping the family alive also reset traps after each robber? Otherwise your traps and walls will remain destroyed correct? Or if I am wrong, how is it some houses I enter already have damage done?

#2 Main Forum » Building at the start no longer a viable option? » 2014-02-09 14:32:20

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New player here, I have been playing this game for a week or so now and have even managed to get close to the top a couple of times. The issue I am having is with the current mechanics of the game. I’ve noticed once you, as the player, are inevitably forced to start over you have two options to restart; rob or build. With the influx of new players at first it didn’t really matter if you robbed or built as there were plenty of weaker defenses, or non-seasoned robbers to exploit and get back to the top where the real action is (However this model assumes there is always enough newer players). 

Now that everyone is slowly learning the game I’ve taken note of a change in the community tactics, it doesn’t make sense to build from the start currently; as people only want to invest their $2000 to go after a larger gain (makes sense). If you build from the start you may grab one or two people in your house, but the majority will not touch your house if you are below $1000 and look like tools will be needed, thus you are in a pickle… you are almost forced to rob and hope for a lucky break at a house vulnerable to $2000 tools, because the alternative is to build then close down the game and wait for 5-8 hours until you hopefully get back to close to $1000.

This is what I have been watching in terms of gameplay recently and want to see what more experienced players are doing? Do you instantly go on a robbing spree or build and wait? Is the current cost vs wait time worth building upon restart?

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