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#1 Re: Main Forum » Terminal Heist Update » 2015-01-25 11:39:17

AMWhy wrote:

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have an IQ of 150

lol. lol. lol.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Tutorial: The Ordered Combination Lock » 2014-04-16 15:44:56

Cylence wrote:

My problem with combo locks has always been the size.
Do you have a recommended format for the smallest effective ordered combo lock?
If it gets down small enough, I wouldn't mind adding it to the arsenal.

its not an ordered combo lock, but magic dance locks are pretty small. to add one bit, it requires 1 wired wall and 1 button. this is very space effective, IMO.

this is an example from an older post:

#4 Re: Main Forum » Who are the art collectors? » 2014-04-02 19:05:27

not too worried, no - all the paintings are gone

#5 Re: Main Forum » Who are the art collectors? » 2014-04-02 14:27:07

well, it's in the auction house... so save up.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Who are the art collectors? » 2014-04-02 13:48:07

my house is surprisingly not dangerous (this is the second time i've been robbed for the paintings in this house):


#7 Re: Main Forum » Who are the art collectors? » 2014-04-02 12:55:35

nah... just messed up when trying to clean me out again, i think

#8 Re: Main Forum » Who are the art collectors? » 2014-04-02 11:48:31

i may have been callahan. (maybe like 50 something deaths in my place)

the person who robbed me did a good job (was a 2K robber, came away with paintings + 4300$), i was impressed. except they came back and died for no reason a little later on.

#12 Re: Main Forum » The toolless invaders » 2014-03-26 10:56:20

they probably recognize your house as a death trap

#13 Re: Main Forum » This game is Broked. » 2014-03-24 11:29:29


'sky is blue' and 'earth are round' are also theories/opinions that had to be validated and proven. just stating something does not make it true, but adding evidence and science will make it more likely to fit as an explanation for observed behaviors.

also, you are rude. tongue

#14 Re: Main Forum » People who keep their values intentionally low » 2014-03-23 13:30:51

i'm not going to name any names here, but this thread is bordering on immature. the majority of everyone's forum posts have been enjoyable, but something about this thread brought out some bad qualities in people.

1) if you are going to make a post, griping about someone else's behavior, its now fair game to have your own behavior examined.

2) the person who is doing well or in first will be subject to harassment and whining, it's just the way people are. regardless of how spotless one's behavior is. deal with it, but dont escalate.

3) i think it's fine to use the forum for coordination. this allows people who don't have alt accounts to communicate and work together. in the forum, it's even a little bit more legitimized, because the target knows it is coming. (IMO)

4) its known that there's a variation in skill level in this game. referring to other players with belittling names does not make one a better player. but it may make you feel better about yourself at others expense.

5) there's no such thing as honor among thieves. why do people care so much about whats "right" and whats "wrong"? you cant enforce 'honor', nor can you verify someone else's honor, so it is all bravado and braggadacciio, as far as i'm concerned. i'm sure most people in this thread have walked into a defenseless house and clubbed an innocent child. how can honor exist after that?

#15 Re: Main Forum » People who keep their values intentionally low » 2014-03-21 14:08:42

maybe they aren't  all about conspicuousness

#17 Re: Main Forum » How can you see your own nickname? » 2014-03-11 07:36:24

if you have two paintings, it is jeffrey r. murphy

#18 Re: Main Forum » How can you see your own nickname? » 2014-03-10 09:08:09

i don't remember, i'm sorry! i just picked a house that was low worth (maybe < 300? or even < 200?)

#19 Re: Main Forum » How can you see your own nickname? » 2014-03-10 01:36:39

post the full tape! if it was running into two pit bulls... then yes wink

(also... you can't see your own name in game, its part of the dynamic)

#21 Main Forum » that feeling when... » 2014-03-04 12:34:10

Replies: 4

you accidentally commit to a house with no tools (damn you, clever traps!) and make it out scot free. looked broken (like a bad trap) from the main entrance. i thought to myself: 'what is this person thinking? how is that going to even work?' and accidentally committed. my heart almost burst out of my chest. from now on, i always bring a club, brick and meat to a house when i want to scout past any forks.

#22 Re: Main Forum » commit gates vs. surprise death traps » 2014-03-03 22:11:54

ursaphobe: so... i could just walk in and walk out without any tools?

#23 Re: Main Forum » commit gates vs. surprise death traps » 2014-03-02 20:21:46

what are your favorite surprise death traps? i've liked the one with the wife + pit bull path that Blip posted earlier.

#25 Re: Main Forum » am i the 1st one now? » 2014-03-02 09:40:43

btw: tools are worth half their buy price, not full value when they are in your vault

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