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#1 Main Forum » Stranger things happened... or do they ? » 2014-02-16 19:09:10

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Sometimes i really don't understand what happens in this game. As a noob i will get flagged as just ranting, but seriously ...

In my previous house, i had some grids toggled by a fleeing wife and panic buttons, with some timing.

First, one guy went in, numerous times, did various stuff, learnt the timing, and died because of another trap.
Then a new one comes, right after, and goes straight through the timed trap, with the perfect timing. Then he also had to get the right path out of 4 to get to the safe.
1/4, he gets lucky, i get it. But getting the timing right, on its first try ? That cannot be luck.
That timing was not hard to beat, provided you came ONCE already in the house before. You could then safely exit and come back, but there is no way someone could get it right on his first try.

Now this is not the first time it happened.

So, some players have multiple accounts. Seriously, is that allowed ? It defeats the purpose of death - die and lose everything. Have one guy die all the time by checking houses with 2K worth of tools, kills animals, disable traps, then get the other one to rob.

If multiple accounts is allowed, charge twice more for the game, give 2 accounts, and write it on the wiki ...

So that was the first rant.

Second one is ... well either there is a bug, or some people use bots. I just saw someone defeat some simple traps, drug a dog, find my safe that had not been emptied... and then started going left and right. Then suicided in front of the safe. If that is not botting, i don't know what it is (i can't believe it was some santa, he had no tool left and no bounty)

#2 Re: Main Forum » Destroying houses for fun? » 2014-02-16 07:17:29

RevealingGekco wrote:
crousti wrote:

Maybe this has been suggested before, but i think it would it be a good thing to add the tools in the safe only when the player returns to his house. Or 24/48h after his last connection. I can't see a way to abuse this.

There was a similar idea earlier about not having your house value update until you logged back in.  I believe the issue was that it would allow players to stay offline to accumulate wealth, and then come back on and make a run at the top houses.

The difference is that i am just talking about tools, and a timer prevents the "waiting forever" idea.

The value of the house would still increase, but only from the bounty; that and adding a reasonable threshold for the tools to pop in the safe if you dont connect means you can't just sit out and wait until you have a gazillon of tools in the safe; wait some time, they pop in.  Yet you can spend a whole night sleeping.

And how about destroying half of them if the player waits for the timeout ? A 12 or 18h time would allow that.

Gameplay reason could be "tools not in the safe, kids/dogs/rats played with them, now they are of no use" . If the player connects before the timeout, he gets 3/4th of the tools instead of only half (lets say the violent death of their owner did break some of them).

The idea of making the money scarce and tools hard to buy is good. But then, hit a safe and you get some money, but mostly tools, which end up worth way more than the money that is in the safe.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Destroying houses for fun? » 2014-02-16 04:49:23

Seriously this is being more and more of a problem.

Whatever happens, i start the day with 2k, builds whatever i can with that, ranging from 1 to 2k. Nothing happens during all day. Then at night, a couple of thieves die, my worth goes up, then someone comes in with 2K worth of tools and destroys everything.

Last night the guy came wit a gun, 2 clubs, 2 meats and a brick. In a 800$ house !! He poisonned the dog, used 2 clubs on windows, a gun on my wife, and left. He did not even explore, nor use the tools he had left. He could have opened a door with a brick, but he just went away. 

Of course i had other visitors after that, some who died, and everyone came in with at least twice the value of my house in tools ... and of course the last one who entered got to my safe and emptied it.

I can see a solution to that, but i guess polling and scripting is not allowed.

This happens because tools are expensive; the money does not go up a lot, but the tools are worth so much my house value skyrockets.

Maybe this has been suggested before, but i think it would it be a good thing to add the tools in the safe only when the player returns to his house. Or 24/48h after his last connection. I can't see a way to abuse this.

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