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#1 Re: Main Forum » Robbers cracking combo locks » 2014-04-03 13:39:12

eppfel - that's not me. I have a dog behind a door (he closes door when he moves forward) directly in front of the house door, and short hallways up and down with various other halls off them. It's easy to brute-force with a few tools, but I don't have much cash :-)

#2 Re: Main Forum » Robbers cracking combo locks » 2014-04-03 07:28:34

I seem to have started a conversation. As an update, I build (for $1,960...) my usual dog/family traps, commit gate (to the lock/safe area), commit gate (to the safe/final door area), and 3-bit lock. That was enough to coax two intrepid robbers, both of whom clicked one of the bits, entered the commit gate and committed suicide on seeing a door in front still closed. I have upgraded to a 5-bit lock for part of my "winnings" and we'll see what $80 can pull in...

#3 Re: Main Forum » Robbers cracking combo locks » 2014-04-02 13:36:46

All good suggestions, thanks.

Immhotep: I changed the combination (or even rebuilt from scratch after a pauper's suicide...) after each one.
Darkshadow: EDIT: Misunderstood your comment, so ignore me! [[It's built from scratch, not downloaded (I'm sadly proud of parts of it...)]]

That's what made me extra suspicious. Hacks seem likely (and a shame!), but will see if I can catch a few more with either (a) simple commit door after you think you've solved it, or (b) what looks like the correct combination (door opens) but turns out not to be once it's too late, or (c) an order-sensitive combo lock.

Can I do much for <$2000, is the question?

#4 Main Forum » Robbers cracking combo locks » 2014-04-02 12:05:54

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I have a design for a new house which costs around $1700 and includes some (relatively) devious traps at the start which tend to scare off 80% of robbers (shame), and kill 19% of them. I have a final one-way door and a combo lock for the safe, starting at 3 numbers and then upping to 5 or more as I "earn" money.

My question is that, recently, 4 times out of 6 that robbers have got as far as the combo, they've gone straight to the correct combination without any pause to check whether the safe is open (different screen). I appreciate that there are only 8 possibilities (7 really as the starting combo is clearly not the right one) for a 3-button lock, but it seems suspicious. One of those successes was on a 5-button lock, too (so 31 possible solutions).

I have checked tapes and can't see anyone scouting who has somehow broken around the back and "read" the correct solution. Any thoughts as to how this might be happening, or is it just my paranoia and there are a lot of lucky robbers out there...?

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