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#1 Re: Main Forum » Steam reviews - Can you help? » 2017-11-14 10:19:06


I just changed the status of my review from not recommended to recommended. I am hoping that it will attract the attention of some new players.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Improved Chill Timeouts for smaller populations » 2017-11-13 00:48:46


jason, I messed around with a few of the newly introduced houses and enjoyed checking out the designs. Personally, I think this a great update to maintain some active objectives for the remaining players, and to lure new players in. Thanks!

#4 Main Forum » $1 to anyone that can identify my name. » 2017-10-09 08:38:57

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Here is the entrance to my home. I will give $1 to anyone that can identify me. Thanks!

#5 Main Forum » What's my name? » 2017-09-22 13:38:30

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Yeah, still playing this game and loving it. Here is my base, if anyone wants to tell me my name, I would appreciate it.

#7 Main Forum » The Fate of TCD and a Robbery of $93198 » 2014-07-01 20:24:55

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As the final days (or lasting periods of stagnancy) of The Castle Doctrine are approached, there are a variety of houses remaining, however, the player-base has dwindled.  The game's price, lack of players, and difficulty has proved to be vicious and detrimental for it's future and continuance. As it appears, the majority of the players on Steam who had purchased the game for it's full (or initially discounted) price did not possess enough patience in order to continue playing the rogue-like or had simply grown tired of the perma-death system. Those whom would enjoy the standard of difficulty are discouraged by the apparent decline in the community, negative reviews/ratings, and/or the static price. Although, the concept is brilliant and the game provides a unique and intense experience, revival to the point of the "massively-multiplayer" standard on Steam is highly unlikely.

Steam Charts

Performing a robbery of $93198 is certainly an admirable feat as, recently, robberies of such of value have not been committed. Sharing such a feat with the remnants of the community is an excellent way of representing the game in it's purest and farthest form. With possibility of being one of the highest value robberies and possibly, the last robbery to reach such an extent of value, regarding the remaining game's original community, the action can be documented on the forums. Under haste of the robbery's completion, the name of the character was not saved, and the money, in itself, was provided by a bounty by another player's unfortunate demise who's identity cannot be confirmed, it is with hope that the bounty provider and the house's owner eventually make themselves apparent for sake of interest, although, such anonymity is willed by the game. However, in conclusion, the final balance of $94538 in the house with the newly acquired funds held the top place on the neighborhood list, before the value was intentionally voided with the decision to end partakement in the Castle Doctrine's community and the game as a whole.

$93198 Robbery
Final Balance

Best of luck to those who wish to bring about different versions of the game based on the provided source code and thanks to Jason for developing such an enjoyable work of art, which unfortunately, could not coincide well with the maintainence of a cultural statement and the relevancy of a video game.

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