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#1 Re: Main Forum » How do I make money? » 2015-06-02 10:21:52

pagedMov wrote:

So this is what this forum has been reduced to

This is not advertising . If you are targeting a good news - you can really make money. And I'm not a robot :-) We invite everyone to visit the Over The Battle Developer’s Blog:

Here we publish the announcement of the website and mobile applications updates, events and affiliate programs of Over The Battle, as well as other information related to the project and its development.


#2 Re: Main Forum » How do I make money? » 2015-05-03 14:59:07

HI all! :-)

I want to introduce new project, directly connected with Bitcoins:

Over The Battle is a new concept of news. You can make a bet on real events on real news in real world!

You can bet coin “pro” and “contra” on countries participating in military conflicts or on success or failure of capture of famous mafia leader etc. You can add your own event for bets! You can just test your analytical skills making virtual bets (absolutely free) or make a real money on real events.

Want to know more?

Also, we offer to take a part in our referral program.

Our program will allow you to receive 50% of site commission of each bet from registered users that you bring to our site. Thus we get more members, and you - a good income:

Welcome! :-)

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