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#1 Re: Main Forum » Suggestions Page » 2014-02-01 19:26:49

protox13 wrote:
protox13 wrote:
colorfusion wrote:

Oh I see what you mean, moving the whole thing up by about 5 times should fix that, or moving the cat below the grid and making it so it moves up onto it, so even if you brick the cat the pitbull gets stuck correctly.

It still seems one would be able to drug/club the dog, then shoot the wife for a total of $1500. So I could still kamikaze the wife regardless of the cat. Unless I'm missing something?

No. I mean you drug the dog, walk up, club it, walk up, then shoot the wife. $1,500. That's it.

I think a similar setup with three dogs should do it. I'm not sure if it costs more than $2k, but don't think it does.

You can't club a drugged dog. If you drug a dog it basically turns into an un-removable landmine.

#2 Re: Main Forum » What's Your Dumbest Mistake? » 2013-11-12 21:30:29

jere wrote:

haha. i wondered why that was just lying around!

Well, I wondered the same thing, since the house I got it from didn't appear to have any defenses.

Yeah, that would be me....
I stole about 17K from someone's house using only a saw! Great, right?
Well I was in the process of building a nice house when I got distracted and came back ~10min later
It reverted to the previous house with only a few walls installed...and the rest is history.
Oh well, that's the nature of the game after all...

#3 Re: Main Forum » I have a idea/Idea Forum/Saving money/non purchased acc/maps » 2013-11-04 18:23:33

Saving Money Idea:
I like this idea, it's not perfect but I like the idea of being able to save money.
It's easy to exploit so there would have to be some restrictions or adjustments to your idea.
Maybe if you have to purchase a bank account first. $1000 for a bank account.
Or if you have to spend $2000 on your house or tools before you can deposit money.

Non purchased accounts:
I don't know if this is is good idea...
Maybe if they only start with $1000 of robbing tools.
They also can't have a bounty or benefit the home owner in anyway, because that would be extremely exploitable, so what's the point?

Make it happen!
I've rage quit so many times because I think this should exist.
I build a nice starter house under $1500 and then I stupidly die....and I have to rebuild the whole thing all over again!
If anything should be saveable it should be the designs that we make....I get really tired of having to rebuild my house.

One thing I would like is a "stay in place" button. There have been plenty of times I wanted to let a dog come closer to club it can't.

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