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#1 Re: Main Forum » The Contest » 2014-01-27 11:02:13

Uhm, am I the only one that would like to use Bitcoins instead of Paypal to receive the prize? big_smile it could also help avoiding paypal eating up a sizable chunk of the smaller prizes

#2 Re: Main Forum » Invisible window bug » 2014-01-27 08:28:39

Now I'm unable to reproduce it, seems like agentme was right

(still, it'd be nice to understand exactly what was going wrong, so as to dispel doubts when someone else will stumble upon it)

#3 Re: Main Forum » Invisible window bug » 2014-01-26 06:21:14

agentme wrote:

I get that problem occasionally on Ubuntu with various programs. I think it might be a window manager or video driver issue. I doubt it's CastleDoctrine's fault. Usually closing it and restarting it a few times, or logging out and back in fixes it for me.

AFAIcan remember, I usually don't have such problems with other programs

I'm running an Ubuntu 13.10 with intel video, as far as Linux users are concerned, this is probably quite a mainstream setup (then again, the hardware is a x3100/gm965... which is quite old)

I'll try to run it on another machine, run a system without compositing, etc and let you know

#4 Re: Main Forum » Invisible window bug » 2014-01-26 06:16:46

jasonrohrer wrote:

Did you find a solution to this in the other thread?  Did rebuilding help?

You mean in the other thread that I opened? no

also, rebuilding doesn't help

#5 Re: Main Forum » Invisible window bug » 2014-01-25 10:37:08

This is also a problem with the 32bit linux build

I found that enabling fullscreen works around the problem (still, since windowed mode is the default it's quite bewildering that it doesn't work properly)

#6 Main Forum » Invisible window bug » 2014-01-24 11:59:32

Replies: 6

I thought it was an issue with compilation problems, but now I get it everytime I try to run the game that run correctly at first


Any help?

#7 Re: Main Forum » Login Failed » 2014-01-24 06:26:05

I cd'ed to CastleDoctrine/gameSource and ran "make clean", but the outcome is still the same

deleting the whole folder, re-extracting the archive, changing the secret and recompiling fixed it

#8 Re: Main Forum » Login Failed » 2014-01-24 05:43:40

weird... just by changing the secret I get this bug:


I'll try tweak something after lunch, and possibly open a new thread after lunch, in the meanwhile if someone knows what's going wrong, please tell me

#9 Re: Main Forum » Login Failed » 2014-01-24 05:38:15

Whooops, I just realized right now there's a file called HowToConnectToMainServer.txt

Usually I just read the README and ignore any other files

#10 Main Forum » Login Failed » 2014-01-24 05:30:10

Replies: 4

Hi, I just bought the game, downloaded the source and built it (I have a 64bit linux machine), but when I insert my email and code it fails the login

I tried to insert my code both with hyphens and without, there's no output in the terminal, except for

Starting web request 10 [check_user]

Starting web request 11 [check_hmac]

Maybe is the auth server getting hammered by lots of new users? Or am I the only one with this problem?

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