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#1 Re: Main Forum » Warren Leroy Henson » 2015-07-15 09:05:42

Whoever Mr Henson is... kuu fkn dos man! ive got ur entire lock mapped out and have been trying for hours to figure it out, started with little respect for it thinking i could bypass it/half solve it easily BUT NOPE FUCK THAT! Your house demanded my respect as i slowly learnt of all its safeguards and how it basically forces you to solve it or brute force the entire house.
Im pretty sure im lacking an understanding of how the top half of ur lock works... it may be beyond me completely.

(moved from another thread)

Ok i think i understand what is happening... if im right ur really fucking clever and its still gona take lotsa time to solve.

#3 Re: Main Forum » All hope is lost » 2015-01-20 04:25:55

I cracked his house a while back, and could brute force it cheaply now, but the payoff is not really worth the effort for me and im playing it safe now.

Wasnt me......

#4 Re: Main Forum » All hope is lost » 2015-01-18 23:42:02

Both the Wallace place and the Davidson place had similar weaknesses. Vault reasonably close to the entrance, with the series of trap segments directing the robber around the perimeter of the map. Obvious  heavy reinforcement acts like a signpost to vault location.

Wallace was brute forced (including scouting) for less than 5k total over 3 attempts/suicide runs

Davidson was also brute forced for 45k over 3 attempts. (15k each time)

#5 Re: Main Forum » Terminal Heist Update » 2015-01-18 22:22:04

I would personally be very interested in paying extra for the ability to use different art style... different looking blocks, safes, pets, etc

EDIT: also have u considered making it more social by including a global chat? I have not thought much on this tho.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Terminal Heist Update » 2015-01-18 19:34:07

Mebe f2play isnt the way then, How about free trial periods and steam sales to boost sales and exposure?

#7 Re: Main Forum » Terminal Heist Update » 2015-01-18 18:36:30

I personally think ull be making plenty of money from selling ONE extra life per character/lifetime for self testing. Just charge like $7-$10 per life. That and charging for the ability to keep a recent robbery's proceeds in limbo for a time (say 48 hours max).

These will ofc depend on the success of the game, as it will mostly be the more committed players that will do it. Thats the risk u take with F2play.

I would advise against making it psuedo-free to play, ie:only half the game is free. It comes across as greedy, try sticking to something like the dota 2 model, keeping purchases out of affecting core gameplay and restricting them to conveniences and aesthetics.

#8 Re: Main Forum » All hope is lost » 2015-01-18 08:27:49


Making use of the proceeds now.

Ill elaborate further on how i did it later after i have my place up.

#9 Re: Main Forum » All hope is lost » 2015-01-17 20:54:03

Some houses ive noticed are apparent dual account farming houses (kenneth jonothan willborn), but there does seem to be quite a few new player houses around.

#10 Re: Main Forum » All hope is lost » 2015-01-17 11:12:47

I just took down lawrence james wallace... saw a weakness and... hey! all it takes to crack this place is 1x explosives, 4x saws and 4x water.

Also took down a number of the around 5k mark houses.

Used to funds on an attempt on the davidson place. I was unsuccessful. Had a decent butchers hook tho, so its a start.

Just got back into TCD and im keen to get my Ultra-fantastic-supremo-majesto-gelato design up.

My work is quite original and im sure if i do get it up itll be an enjoyable (but difficult) challenge for u gentlemen

#11 Re: Main Forum » Terminal Heist Update » 2015-01-14 07:05:01

I'm confused, in the first post you said youd have it up within the week. That was 2 months ago. Is this to do with delaying the release until after the holiday period or?

Also id be happy to beta test a windows version.

#12 Re: Main Forum » Terminal Heist Update » 2015-01-12 07:43:59

I cant see the game on greenlight or on steam

EDIT: Or even a website for it

#13 Re: Main Forum » Noooooooooo!!!!! It is dead! » 2014-10-24 08:54:29


I leave for 1 week and u guys let the place get deserted!

Been so busy i havent been able to play sad

Please DONT DIE TCD!!!!

#14 Re: Main Forum » Two account cheater. » 2014-10-11 22:13:01

Glad to see that my plundering of your house hasnt driven you from the game それはトラップである!

I rather like that design too. I was shocked when someone came and killed your wife afterwards... i thought itd be nearly impossible. Probably the strongest wife defences ive ever seen and I love how you display her at the start.

#15 Re: Main Forum » Clearly its personal » 2014-10-11 09:46:25

I am now convinced there is a single dual account user, or someone that is actively cooperating with someone else.

- The attempt on my place was done with two accounts that both had an established house, with the second account's attempted robberies occurring immediately after the first account's attempts.

- I have only seen this dual account pattern happen twice in my current house. So this leads me to believe its a single pair of accounts working together.

Furthermore, and heres the juicy bit... I believe the identity of this dual account user (or one of the 2 people cooperating) is LordofHam due to the following

- I was trawling through some of the old threads looking at different house designs and came across one that looked incredibly (recently) familiar. It was familiar because it was nearly exactly the same as the house that belonged to Tate? cant remember who it was... but he was the guy we were working together to bring his house down after determining he was cheating. This is one of LordofHam's old houses (quite a strong design too). On tates? house I scouted all the way to the far right hand side of the map and the design is the same.

It could also be that someone is just using his design, and i cant directly connect tate to the definite dual account robberies that were being done on my place. Even still.. why someone would cheat just to use someone else's design is an interesting question too. This is just my theory and im sharing what I know.

This is the design


Again, no hate here, just pointing out what I can see.

#16 Re: Main Forum » Rodriguez Robbed for $93,000. » 2014-10-11 05:14:08

So whats ur new house like? anything new or fancy?

#17 Re: Main Forum » Rodriguez Robbed for $93,000. » 2014-10-11 00:35:47


Your name is James Barry Gaylord!

#18 Re: Main Forum » Rodriguez Robbed for $93,000. » 2014-10-10 19:03:57

U must be on force ignore for me...

I can see a 17k house, buts its been around for quite a while im sure.

#19 Re: Main Forum » Clearly its personal » 2014-10-10 18:58:55

Yea i had no real suspicions regarding the big jump in wealth, i thought he robbed that herndon guy actually.

Its more to do with the fact that whenever gregor was active a lot (about 3 or 4) of empty 2k starter houses appeared for a split second then vanished, which is not the norm these days. His wealth would then go up accordingly. More incriminating was the knowledge he had of my house. It was different but similar to a previous design as you said amwhy, but he had the EXACT number tools necessary to brute force that section. He had clearly seen it before in that exact state and the only way he could do that is with extra accounts. The tools required for that section were rather... unique.

So its far more likely than not, that he using multiple accounts in a cooperative mannner.

Which doesnt overly bother me all that much tbh, it just means that i wont afford anyone who uses multiple accounts/cheats the same level of.... professional courtesy, when it comes to retaliation or whether ill conduct pre-emptive robberies to head off a potential threat and how far ill go in preventing a resurrection of that threat (wrecking their house completely).

No hate here, just self-preservationist streak. smile

#20 Re: Main Forum » Clearly its personal » 2014-10-10 12:34:36

Multi account user suicide scouting me lol, its probably gregor come back from the grave trying to take his revenge! Be on the lookout for suspicious houses!

#21 Re: Main Forum » Rodriguez Robbed for $93,000. » 2014-10-10 10:57:27

Hmmm either someone is camping in it.... or are you doing more modifications?

I cant see you

Dont tell me u died man

#22 Re: Main Forum » Rodriguez Robbed for $93,000. » 2014-10-10 08:52:41

greedy piggy!

Is your house up yet? Ill tell you your name if you like

#23 Re: Main Forum » Rodriguez Robbed for $93,000. » 2014-10-10 08:13:20

Wow congrats!

Were u srsly giving me shit for taking out anderson before you when u had rodrigruez figured out as well?

#24 Re: Main Forum » Clearly its personal » 2014-10-10 04:09:04

Hmmm so take a player that usually thumbs up robberies, if he tumbs down someone for suspicious behavior, that vote carrys far more weight.... i like it!

#25 Re: Main Forum » Clearly its personal » 2014-10-10 03:40:30

u can thread sit as much as you like smile

The problem with the karma thing.... remember how brutal this game can be and how shocking it is when someone robs you... if you have ever played DOTA 2 then you would know that players get reported out of spite all the time due to rage factor. The rage factor in this game is a whole other level. So I would be cautious about implementing a Karma system that automatically punishes/constrains players based on how many times they have been down voted/reported by what are most likely to be mostly butthurt players. Thats my main concern

Our community can deal with cheaters quite well atm as most of the players at the top are well known, so when an outsider comes along without announcing himself on the forums, anything even slightly dodgy that person does really stands out and the community has a few very experienced players that can distinguish between what is suspicious behavior and what isnt. Which is quite hard to do.

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