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#1 Main Forum » Unsolvable houses » 2014-02-12 04:05:18

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Anybody had any problems completing houses. Sometimes i walk through a house and things seem to be impossible without tools, I always assume I do not understand it enough so i walk off. Earlier however i found a house that had a pitbull right outside the door as you come in. If you took 1 step you died. It is impossible and because of that i am starting to think that maybe some of the others have been like that as well. (I think it was John David Appleton)

Another small problem i find is some houses have pitbull commitment traps. The dog is designed to follow you everywhere. This is fine but i worked out how to do a house without tools and when i got to the vault it was empty and all the money was on the wife. He had over 2k and it was all unstealable without tools and anybody who finished his puzzle had to die. I think maybe it should let you know if there is money in the vault just so that if you are clever enough to work out the puzzle you do not die because the vault is empty.

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