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#1 Re: Main Forum » Leaving... » 2014-08-14 14:12:39

jordi13, the point is that you and I are the targets.  Watch your security cams after you've been robbed.  Did the guy wander around, make mistakes, almost go down dead-end trap roads, etc.?  Or did he walk straight to your vault?  Watch the cheaters walk straight into your place and immediately choose the right 1 out of 10 doors.  Watch him walk in and choose the 2nd right door out of 10 doors AFTER YOU CHANGED DOORS.  Watched it in multiple $2000 houses, right after they were worth about $3000.

#2 Main Forum » Leaving... » 2014-08-14 05:27:21

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Summary:  People currently playing the game are cheating.  Over the last week since I started playing, I noticed an inordinate number of playbacks where someone would walk into my house and make a seemingly impossible number of correct choices walking through commit gate after commit gate to walk to the vault.  At first, I faulted my house design.  I read up on traps, and I started getting kills. My enthusiasm grew and I started really getting sneaky. Then I noticed that there were some people who could seemingly walk through everything without a problem. When I watched someone choose a 2^6 after a 1/2 and 1/5 choice, I started getting a bit more skeptical.  When a 2nd person did it an hour later after I'd changed the "right" choices, I started calculating the odds.  Without knowledge of the map, there's almost no way 2 people in an hour can and make a 1/2 , 1/5, and 1 in 2^6.  Seriously, it's like winning powerball after getting hit by lightning in the bathtub.  Just can't happen.  So I started digging, details (but not a spoiler) below.

First, from ~24 hours ago.

1) I'd like to apologize to the dude with a $5600 house.  I didn't kill your wife; but I did walk right through your house to the vault.  I did take the cash but I should have suicided out. You did nothing wrong to me and I shouldn't have tested my theory on you.  To you, I'm truly sorry.

2) Most of the poor guys in the game got $1000 in merchandise over the last (2) days as I walked through your maps and suicided after reaching your vault.  Your map is fine, I'm through here anyway. I won't come back, but know that others are doing what I did to get there and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Jason was very up front in source that the enjoyment of the game relied on people doing the right thing. I honestly understand some poor, tired, fuck cheating to get ahead.  The thought honestly never occurred to me, until I watched a very wealthy person (specifically Timothy Bradford Griffin) walk into my place after my traps started working, and make (3) perfect choices defying all odds to rob me.  I assumed I'd screwed something up, so I started over again. New 2K house, new traps, new POV traps, new everything.  Make some kills, have some success, and here comes Mr. Fuckstick again.  (3) more choices, and nobody prior to him making it through the traps. What's funny, is that I was monitoring them, so if someone made a correct choice on (1) and died on (2), I'd reset (1) and (2) - to different choices.  In walks Timothy Bradford Griffin, (3) perfect selections (two times, two different maps, 3 days).

Sooo, I started digging. It's semi-trivial to modify client source and map every house you rob.  That's what I did ~24 hours ago, and again 5 minutes ago.  Notice the straight walk through to your vault. My assumption, it's either A) someone with an admin account screwing people because he or she can OR B) Someone who couldn't take being incapable of solving a puzzle without cheating and who has a self-esteem so low that they cannot resist cheating on a game with like 25 active players world-fucking-wide.  No shit.  I'm leaning towards B), but willing to accept that it's A).

Either way, I'll roll my own server and clients and play with people who don't feel the need to cheat in a community this small. To those who played in good-faith, I salute you and thank you for the 2 weeks of fun. Jason, thanks for the game. It works. To the small dicked, flapping loose pussy, douche bag(s) who cheated to ruin the game?  Fuck you.

#3 Re: Main Forum » You sick, sick people.... » 2014-08-08 19:43:34

That's kind of where I've settled.  I'll suicide off trying to map the rich/medium rich places, but only after I manage to either:

1) Kill myself on a self-test (happens embarrassingly often)
2) probe too deeply in a neighbors house (happens less and less, though sometimes you do get caught off guard)

#4 Re: Main Forum » I did it! » 2014-08-08 19:38:30

Very nice!  Congratulations...  When you have time, I'd love to hear the story smile

#5 Re: Main Forum » You sick, sick people.... » 2014-08-05 16:02:54

voxel wrote:

... the house remembers that state, which might be an impossible one to complete; maybe that explains it?

That's part of it, but the other part is that they have so much more to throw at things like dogs and components.  A few days ago, I was in a place with a clock and I've hit a couple (or the same place twice) with combo locks and dog-in-walls.

It's always so difficult to know - I saw a dog behind the glass is that floor section going to de-power when I step or fry me? Will it perma-lock out the vault if I de-power it? Works the same with the trapdoors...

If you see a dog and it's mirroring you behind a wall, it might - or might not close that trapdoor.  If it doesn't you come back a day later and try again smile

#6 Re: Main Forum » You sick, sick people.... » 2014-08-05 06:15:43

Police are investigating a mysterious suicide after Thomas Jordan Brody robbed an unknown subject for $2,911 dollars. 

Neighbors said the man was new in the neighborhood and distraught after someone had killed his wife the previous day. He left a note behind that said "It's amazing, I never imagined a bottled water vendor would attack the house..."

He's survived by two urchins named Troy and Lindsay who can be found living under a bridge....

Good show, TJB, I hadn't considered the water brute force solution....

#7 Main Forum » You sick, sick people.... » 2014-08-05 06:03:58

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My new brothers and sisters,

I know, I've just started the game and come in here tossing my opinions around like I know something but you sick, sick people.  Five trapdoors left or right with a pit bull standing on a switch inside the door?  Oh my.  And Earl.  Oh my god, Earl!  Does that design really pass the self-test?  HOW?

Do all of you know what I enjoy so much about this game?  It's designing the puzzle while trying to solve yours.  And watching as you try to solve mine (succeeding more often than not, but my day will come)! 

So far, my traps are pretty simplistic (2K limited and new), but I'm learning as you guys shock the crap out of me, drop me in bottomless pits, and have your wives shoot me in the face. 

Thank you all for the thought-provoking fun.

#8 Re: Main Forum » How many people actually play the game?Should i buy the game? » 2014-08-05 05:45:45

I did a couple for the poorer houses smile  My own house has started increasing in value and it's scarier, but as I walked through my first leap of faith (Schrodinger!), I figured what's the worst that could happen? a santa run from Mr.  (2)saw, (1)club, (2)brick, (3)drugged meat, (4)water...

And a special thanks to Mr. (5) saw and Mr. (2)saw, (5) water, (2) club, (3)meat... What's odd is that I was actually rooting for you as I watched the tapes!  What kind of sick stuff is that?

#9 Re: Main Forum » How many people actually play the game?Should i buy the game? » 2014-08-04 14:37:28

I think it would help if the 25 or so of us with houses up at any given time would throw the love around.  I'm that (2)saw, (1)club, (2)brick, (3)drugged meat,(4)water guy.  You know, the dumb one who stomps into your place and blindly wanders around until I die.  Usually following the same path, about once every 24 hours or so. 

Did I try this as a leap of faith last time?  Oops, yep. Now I remember.  Really should write this down.

Every time I manage to fail a self-test or just overestimate my ability to deduce one of your traps, I pitch every available house $1000 in the supplies above. 

I seem to be the only one playing who does... But really, where's the harm?  I have no prayer of knocking off Earl's place.  I try.  Would be fun if I mess up and pull it off, but it isn't going to happen. 

Instead, I throw up marginal traps hoping one of you will wander in and pitch a bounty and/or tools my way.  I'll just spend it attempting a trap too complicated which results in me throwing all 25 of you another $1000. 

I think makes the game more fun for all of us because most of the tapes I watch are 25 steps, see commit; leave. 

I get it for Earl with his 110K place, but most of the rest of us don't have crap, anyway. As I type this, the $2K cutoff is Raymon Robert Mccall, the 15th of 26 listed houses.  This morning, it's worse.  There are 20 of us up, (1) with a house not locked out to me (and dude, seriously (2) pit bulls and a pissed off wife who has all the cash - anger management and all that) and I see that of the (6) who tried my place last night (4) died and left $100 each - including the guy who killed my wife.  No tools left behind (ok, 1 club in the vault).

I guess my point is, there aren't enough of us to really enjoy the game unless we help each other out.  If you mess up a self-test or guess wrong while exploring, throw some love around.  It doesn't hurt you and the rest of us appreciate it and I'll keep on being (2)saw, (1)club, (2)brick, (3)drugged meat, (4)water guy.  Every time I die.

Is that unreasonable?

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