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#1 2013-04-09 22:09:53

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Jason I am wondering if you know what it meens when it says in the Fluxbb version feature comparisons that there is no "User ranks". Does it meen there are no custom ones, that there are no ranks other than Administrator, Member and Guest or somthing else?

If there are custom ranks allowed you should make a Modarator who can remove posts and give it to a few people who are really dedicated to the forum.

EDIT: The reason I say he should do this (if possible) is so that he does not have to always monitor the forum for inappropriate behavior. Even if he does fix the spam bot problem there will always be some person who will ruin it. I don't want it to seem like I am begging for the rank it is just that in order for the forum to function when he is working on other things it is a good idea.

EDIT: I was searching through the users and I looked at the groups menu and saw that there is Moderator group. I am interested in knowing if it is default group or if Jason added it and what it is allowed to do if it is default.

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