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If you want a lot of money, tally about 3k and build a combo lock

I'm terrible at this game.  I have no idea how to raid others with efficiency- and I've decided to just stay away from it until I have so much money I can do whatever I want. 

People can't break my base without spending ~$8000- assuming they know exactly what they need to in order to get in.  Currently I have a ~$10,000 net worth.

It's definitely the way to play right now.  If you want a lot of money really fast- throw a shotgun on your wife, put your kids by the door, and just get them outta the way as soon as possible.  Then make a commit gate at your entrance and have an 8 bit combo lock.  Nobody will beat it... and if you do it right- you'll need a lot of luck to solve it.


Just some proof...

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