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#1 2014-03-23 15:33:40

tigerbalm immunity
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my friend and I tag-teamed a house...

this was a few days ago.  the owner easily gathered that two accounts had been used to crack his house, and he was none too thrilled. he visited mine and my friend's homes several times but didn't make any attempts as he was bankrupted.  then yesterday I died in a duplicate house (his resurrected successor) scouting around with no tools and making dumb mistakes like an idiot and left him a 20k bounty. When the chills went away I paid his house a visit again, again with no tools, just to see if he had changed his path at all. he must have realized who I was because this morning the owner came and died in my house leaving me a 7100 bounty.   here is the house, which I had reproduced from memory, so it may not be exact.  also out of respect for the owner and the game, I'm going to substitute panic buttons  for most of the electronics to protect his formula.

the first house was Puckett, and it's successor was Manuel.  was this your house?

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