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#1 2013-04-21 04:08:52

bey bey
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Frustration and Happiness

Story of this game: I successfully robbed a well-stocked house and build my own using the cash.

Since the house I robbed was quite a lot of fun to take, being a labyrinth requiring thinking but allowing for some tool use, I built a house of the likes, relying on a simple principle, decoys and a labyrinth that could be survived. Sadly, all people attempting to take it just died by walking into dogs behind doors and the more capable people didn't trust it. Frustration.

Finally, somebody successfully robbed it using some tools but figuring out the main design. I wanted to watch the replay, therefore I had to patch up my house and towards the end, I must have overlooked something and fried myself. No house, no replay. Frustration.

However, being able to go on robberies again, I then discovered that the previous owner of the paintings and such was the one who successfully robbed my house. He got his paintings and cash back instead of some undeserving bit-locker or magic-dance creator. Happiness.

For the time being, I left it alone because I don't have the time today to turn the cash I'd gain into a house that's fun to play again. This is the situation the game should produce - mutual challenge that is fair.

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In fact you can be batman.
(if he robbed houses and murdered families.)
- Dalleck


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