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#1 2013-05-26 16:03:33

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Whenever I get robbed successfully, it usually occurs while I'm not at the computer: sleeping, outside, etc. Because of this, even if thieves don't get to my wife, they can go to town on my house, wrecking it and robbing it repeatedly. When I log back on, I have no money, and no functional defenses in my house. I don't want to go rob somebody, because, unless they have a lot of money, I probably can't fix up my house entirely and am leaving my cash open; also, I'm worried that if I go on a robbing spree, which is what I would what to do to maximize the amount of money I have to repair my house, people will take my money as soon as I get it. I think a way to stock money away so that you would get it when logging on after a successful robbery would be useful. A player could place a limited amount of money, e.g. 2000 or less, into their "insurance", at which point they can no longer access it, even if they wanted to use it to build new defenses, and it wouldn't count towards house value. However, it would be protected from robbers: the money would be stored until their first login after a successful robbery, allowing them to patch up their house before heading back out to rob others.

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Re: Insurance

i feel like a person living in a paranoid robbery town, a person that has their own vault in a house full of traps and rabid dogges, a person willing to club someone's family to death just for a few dollars..

i feel like this person wouldn't trust an insurance company with their money.


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Re: Insurance

Note that whatever you steal is held in "limbo" until you actually manage to return to your house.

So, let's say your house has $100 in it, and you go out and steal $1000.

After the robbery, you see the message that "Someone is in your house, you can't return to it now."

If that robber is successful, they will only take the $100.  When you finally return to your house (even after robbing multiple houses, looking at blueprints, or watching tapes), you'll find that your $1000 is safe and sound (including all loot and paintings that you've stolen).

This is a tiny bit like what you are talking about, though not as extreme.

It is possible to build "only rob me once" features into your house to prevent people from trashing it over and over and over (damage is only saved if they reach your vault or family and survive).  I once had someone trash me over and over even though I had $0 and no wife left, just for revenge!


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