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#1 2016-01-05 12:54:40

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So what do we do nowadays?

Hi guys! Back in for a bit. Did lots of lower level scouts and robberies (then died after working out there were no wires connected to a switch, but of course that means nothing if there is a blinking power source next to it. Dense death sad 6k bounty)...

But what exactly do we all do? Just constantly attempt the top 4?

Also, I had a sweet house I built up from 2k, and now about 75% of the paintings on the auction were mine sad


#2 2016-01-25 12:39:51

From: Sweden
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Re: So what do we do nowadays?

Nothing much. I don't know if im getting santa:d or there is a recent influx of new players.

This is my entry:


#3 2016-06-29 07:16:36

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Re: So what do we do nowadays?

Try to figure out how to rob Samuel Cody Hodges


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