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#1 2016-08-05 03:53:48

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Fatal error (sql) when robbing house


I created a server with the last files given on the website.
I can login with two accounts (on two different computer) create houses, and see houses in the list.

But when i try to rob the house, the house is full of grey walls and the vault is just in front of me, when i go to the vault, i got "unexcepted error from server"

and in the database (in the log table) i get :

[user_id = 2] Fatal error:  Database query failed:<BR>SELECT SHA1( '=dÁI…ÂR=z^N¨JóZ@Ë;òðÅñ¶?bLÂlö¥vÖH¦ä,…yeŒáÍR?¹"-&ÑœQA)é²J㬦ÞêåÄío}Û‡ÔÔ`n‚."øn1€õhÖ-éú

My charsets are in utf8_general_ci
The non-hash version of houses maps looks ok, but maybe its because there are # and they are used in SQL?

We are in a LAN with 15 people until sunday, hope someone can help us set this up smile


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