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#1 2017-02-04 18:39:02

Registered: 2014-05-24
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please help me :)

i want to build a house with no dead trap smile and i want that every player that enter in the house must be fair,  if he stand on a color cell that light on, he need to leave the house... and try later

my house is not finished, but i need to know who want to try, if i see a lot of player then i will leave all my dead trap smile

for now the only good idea i got is the second stage of my house,  for the entry its a cat dance + activation with the dog smile

left is the cat,  and right a door in front of a trapdoor  smile and the dog behing the wall <3


#2 2017-02-06 21:07:09

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Re: please help me :)

ok no problem, but i havent seen your house yet? there isnt very many players here matthias but i will watch for your house


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