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#1 2013-06-18 10:28:34

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ronald john miller

so i am ronald john miller, and while i did indeed welcome complete and total destruction.. it didn't quite come as i'd expected.

so someone paid me a visit with $45,000 worth of tools, or some such. they died. and then jeremy joseph higgins came in, with the same tools and proceeded to tunnel to my vault.

my question is, how long did it take you to get the $100,000 (or whatever it was) required to purchase that many tools?

my house was a bit of an experiment. how much can people hate my 'impossible' house? enough to spend $100,000 of tools to get my obama painting, it seems!
but the lack of vandalism is interesting..  i even left my house exposed overnight to see if it would be razed to the ground in a ritualistic fashion.. the lack of savagery was a surprise!

it seems like the house joseph has built with their remaining money is the same kind of 'impossible' that ronald's was, so this was obviously not a protest to my house being 'game ruining.' i do look forward to adventuring inside and seeing how many layers of concrete they have erected smile


#2 2013-06-18 10:38:58

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Re: ronald john miller

Wow, that's a lot of tools for someone to just throw away at a house, especially with a rather unplanned looking attempt at first.


#3 2013-06-18 10:43:06

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Re: ronald john miller

Interesting that they both had similar tool counts - 40 explosives, 36 ladders... are those hardwired caps, or is this evidence that they're the same person? If so, I guess they must have found some get-rich-quick exploit... maybe scripted high-frequency death-pumping?


#4 2013-06-18 16:23:38

bey bey
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Re: ronald john miller

I have seen some behaviour that suggests people are using multiple accounts to speed up things, but I wouldn't vouch for it and I wouldn't call it cheating. But somehow, people seem to know a lot of things and seem to have exactly the right amount of tools at certain points (and also are able to spend way more money on tools than is in the safe...).

But another thing: Did somebody stack up my safe with about 6000 (EXACTLY the cash I needed to repair my house) by accident or out of some kind of remorse? I'm curious, it was most unexpected to come back to just enough guns and stuff in the vault to repair the house... It would be rather funny if I just arrived at the right time to foil somebody's brilliant plans. My house is the one with the pillar-filled trapdoor corridor.

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