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#1 2013-06-21 13:07:17

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A game in multiple dimensions

The "Changing the direction of the game" post really blew my mind.  It seems like Castle Doctrine was going really far in one direction (towards visible, but highly encrypted solutions) to a completely different direction.  And playing a bit today, I really like it.  Totally get that rogue-like feel. 

However, it also made met think, wow, what if our dimension split in two, and from now on there were two Jason Rohrers each exploring each concept to it's natural conclusion.  If that happened, and you fastforwarded in time about a year (yes, I need multi-dimensions AND time travel for this point), you'd have two completely different, yet equally deep types of game.  Yes, one would not be true to the initial idea, but it would probably be a very interesting puzzler game, with tools and tactics to support it's style.

Imagine game development looking like this in the future: From the seed of one idea,  a game splits in two, over and over again, and becomes a bunch of projects each with a different developer most excited about his or her concept, exploring to reach a very deep and very complete conclusion.

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#2 2013-06-21 13:33:10

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Re: A game in multiple dimensions

Two Jason Rohrer's.

Jason Rohrer and Jason Rhorer. smile

But seriously, I think both puzzle and tactical play could be preserved in the same game.

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#3 2013-06-21 13:45:58

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Re: A game in multiple dimensions

Well I think we should avoid forking until well after the proper release, but eventually I think it would be good to have a second server exploring v8-style CD. I wouldn't mind hosting it. But I think we shouldn't split the already undersized community any time soon...


#4 2013-06-21 14:20:18

bey bey
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Re: A game in multiple dimensions

I felt like asking for a separate v8 server but then thought, we should keep things together as long as possible. wink (If somebody started a v8 server I might join that one though, since it was a properly viable game for occasional dabbling.)

Apart from that, I think with some balancing, TCD could be made to include all those elements, or rather, proper barriers could be found to ensure that different things can happen in the ecosystem without everything tipping to one side.

The difficulty lies exactly in what makes this game such a brilliant experiment by Rohrer/Rhorer & Co as the initial post suggests - it leaves room for psychology to play out and that's why things are going so interestingly new all the time. All we need is a viable ecosystem that allows for those things to happen without the game being beaten up by the people playing it.

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