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#1 2013-06-28 20:07:59

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House Check-in Failed after suicide fixed

It turns out the server-side simulator code hadn't been updated to restore family positions after robber suicide.  This meant that there was a mismatch in the resulting maps generated by the client and the simulator in the case of suicide when the family moved.  It resulted in a failed house check-in at the end of the robbery (not so terrible, since you're dead anyway from the suicide).

I just updated the simulator to fix this.

A few of you probably ran into this issue starting with the v10 release.  In fact, I see in the log that it happened to some people.  But no one reported it!


If you ever see something that doesn't seem right in terms of server behavior (a request failing, or unexpected responses, etc.), PLEASE take the time to grab your latest recordedGame and send it to me.

Sometimes (as in this case), a bug may be triggered by a very rare combination of circumstances.  If it's not reported, I can't fix it.

If it affects you, even once, it will likely affect someone else at some point.


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