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#1 2013-08-31 06:43:01

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Broken Houses Earning Income

I'm fairly certain that a house that has been robbed twice should stop earning income and further that a house should not be able to gain money and yet have its vault remain broken. This is not the case at the moment though. Mr Harber's house (the large wooden walled maze), despite having a continuously broken vault has been making money, the money obviously all going to his wife.

Over the last hour his house value has increased from $3500 to $4200 dollars. Over that time there was one visitor (who died) and when I visited before and after the hour his vault was broken both times. The visitor can't have left tools as they would have been in the vault when I visited.

I just refreshed it, and despite no one visiting since I last looked his house value is $4329. I'm pretty sure if I visited the vault would be broken.

One possibility is that Mr Harber is robbing houses and that because his vault is broken the money is all going to his wife? What happens to money that you steal when your vault is broken? I've already discovered that with a broken house you can wait until the edit menu times out in order to rob other houses (though you can't bring tools along).


#2 2013-08-31 09:55:28

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Re: Broken Houses Earning Income

I never thought I would learn my name so quickly, and I'm surprised that my house had such overnight success. Over the course of last night, my house was robbed succesfully 5 times. I was not stealing from other houses, I was offline while my wife was earning such a large income. My least favorite thing about this game is the vault breaking, because it motivates the robber to murder your wife. Because of the broken vault, a certain Seth Richard Gibbs murdered my wife and stole OVER $9000 from me. Contemplating suicide now.


#3 2013-08-31 16:41:20

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Re: Broken Houses Earning Income

yeah empty vaults are a bit hit and miss. the mechanic before was also not so good, as people would just repeatedly walk to your vault all day every day until you had $0


#4 2013-09-09 13:50:42

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Re: Broken Houses Earning Income

Yeah, your wife keeps earning money after your vault has been hit twice, but she keeps all of that money until the owner returns (when she shares the money with the owner for repairs, and half of the remainder ends up back in the vault).

By the way, I'm planning to up that from "twice" to something a bit higher soon.  Maybe 4 times, just to keep more houses around longer.  I'm going to make it a tweakable parameter so that I can test different settings.


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