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#1 2013-11-14 14:08:57

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Two small bugs

1. When clicking and dragging over large areas to place lots of tiles, a random tile or two will refuse to be changed even if you are hovering directly over it. It fixes if you release your mouse button then hold it again or move your character to the edge of the screen so the screen shifts.

This is most noticeable when placing large amounts of wooden wall. I don't see any pattern in where the unchangeable tiles appear.

2. If your mouse is hovering over the edit screen when you take a full house screenshot, the transparent placement tile will show up many times on the screenshot in different places.

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#2 2013-11-14 14:42:53

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Re: Two small bugs

Wow, yeah, #2 is something that I missed.  Will fix, thanks for that!

But #1 is something that I'm not able to reproduce... I can fill the entire frame with wooden walls using one, uninterrupted drag, and clear it as well with another uninterrupted drag.

Do you have a brief recording that demonstrates #1?  If so, please email it to me:


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