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#1 2013-11-27 14:00:28

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New anti-spam question

For those of you who were here in the early days of the forums, you may recall the ridiculous battle that I initially had to fight against spammers.

Even putting questions that "only a human could answer" didn't stop them, which meant that we were probably dealing with humans.

Strangely, putting a simple question that required a bit of game-related research (like looking in the Wiki) stopped them completely.  They're probably trying to hit as many forums as possible in a short time, and anything that would actually take them a few minutes makes them skip this forum.

HOWEVER, several people have had trouble finding the answer to this question, especially if they are having trouble launching the game.  They may be seeking help in the forums, but can't see anything in the game, and they don't know to look in the wiki.

SO... I've changed the question to be ridiculously easy.... like, just look at the main game website to find the answer.  I'm not sure what will happen.... will spam start showing up again?  We've had something like 6 months with not a single spam post, which is pretty amazing.

Please keep an eye out for spam, and let me know if you see any:


#2 2013-11-27 18:13:17

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Re: New anti-spam question

What is the first name of the person who made this game?

My first thought is a spammer that writes a bot based on the average age of game developers (31) and the SSN database [1][2]. The answer turns out to be the 4th most popular male baby name in 1982.


[1] … w-one-stud

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