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#1 2014-01-15 23:38:22

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Save house construction progress.

Just started playing. Came up with a cool maze for my house, started building it realized it was 1:30am and I need to go to work in the morning, however there doesn’t’ seem to be a way to save my house while it is construction?

Is this not in the game?

Also is there a new player guide/faq/etc? Right now I just read a few pages on the wiki and the stickied FAQ. I’m wondering if there is any more info I should read.


#2 2014-01-16 07:17:24

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Re: Save house construction progress.

Hi agent, welcome to the forums. With regards to saving construction half way through, the idea of the game is that once you've started a house, all the time you're not in it, it will be on the list of rob-able houses for every other ne'er-do-well in the neighbourhood to poke into, and try to rob, and all the houses have to be fair - i.e. it has to be possible to reach the vault using no tools, by disarming whatever security mechanism has been built. Therefore you have to complete the self test every time you leave the house, or else commit suicide. The game is supposed to make you feel vulnerable and afraid for your money and family constantly, and 'saving' your house, taking it out of the game temporarily would eliminate this constant vulnerability. Also, Jason has stated in the past that he doesn't want to include construction aids in the game, such as the ability to export a copy of a design and then import it back in in a new house. He wants you to have to do the nitty gritty construction, walking around your own claustrophobic death traps to do the building.

For some more tips have a look at this short guide made by a knowledgeable member of this forum (thanks Jere): … hort-guide

This guide is a little out of date, as it was made quite a few versions ago in the game's development - the main things in this guide that have been changed in the game are: the prices of most of the items (although the wiki does have the correct prices, i believe); and that powered trap doors do not transmit electricity so you can't have a corridor of powered trap doors being powered from one end, each one needs its own power supply. But it's still a very useful read.

As Jere says in his guide, I really would stress to try not to get too invested in your earlier houses, as there are lots of intricacies in the game which you can only really learn the hard way, by being killed unexpectedly by someone's tricky little device. I died a lot in my first few weeks learning the game when trying to rob other people, it took me a while before I kept a house for more than a few days without making a stupid mistake and dying. I would definitely suggest that each time you do die, before you start building your house again, go do some suicide runs through other peoples' houses, learn what other people are doing, see what can be done with the game's mechanics - dying ten different ways in ten different houses will teach you a lot, so it's worth doing for half an hour in between dying and starting again.

Hope this helps


#3 2014-04-01 13:45:49

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Re: Save house construction progress.

I get your points pottage, but if you've just started and your initial build takes longer than expected then in that special circumstance it should be saved?

Last night I started building in a new game, only to change my mind and stop and quit, so the house was just the family and vault standing next to the door, unsurprisingly it was robed the next day. it should take just a boolean value to check if a house has never completed a self-test if so keep it off the list.


#4 2014-04-01 13:58:17

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Re: Save house construction progress.

Might release this later.

noob programmer haking on open-source game.


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