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#1 2014-01-25 16:05:06

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So from what I understand if your family dies then you do not have to have a clear path to the exit. Is this correct? My question then if true, what is really the point of having a family?


#2 2014-01-25 17:28:28

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Re: Family

Yes you are correct. The family is a blessing and a curse.
-Wife holds some of your cash (Half I believe), so if you get robbed you can use her $ to fix your house.
-No wife, no family safe path needed but also no safety net of funds.

If I vanish it's not due to a burglar shooting me as well as my wife while making his way to the vault....
I'm just a burst player.


#3 2014-01-25 17:31:38

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Re: Family

The wife can carry a gun, which can be pretty powerful. Putting your money in two places also means it's easier to recover from a robbery so long as only one was robbed.

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#4 2014-01-25 23:14:51

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Re: Family

The path to the wife needs to be clear, but it doesn't need to be possible for an unarmed player to get to, like the safe has to be. So you can hide the wife down a ridiculously long path full of dogs.

The kids always go a predictable route to the exit, so they're useful for triggering things. The direction that cats and chihuahuas run in is dependent on where the player is, which can ruin a trap if a player cuts through and is on the wrong side.

If a player kills a kid, then the wife will come for them. If she has a shotgun, it can very easily catch players off-guard and kill them.


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