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#1 2014-01-27 21:34:36

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Suggestion: "Return and ignore this house"

Just a quick thought:
what if.. when you're leaving a house, in the black screen with the "You ditch your backpack (etc ...)" you're prompted something like:

"You return to your house"
with the following options:
-ok-  OR -ok and ignore this house-

or it could be a checkbox (like the suicide one).. Yeah, I think this could be even better..

Just a simpler way to ignore it, so you don't have to write down/remember the name, etc.. with more players it should become quite difficult to "go home", "leave", and then find the same house again with the names scrolling up and down on the list. There's still the "name search", but after that you're back at the top of the list... and if the owner just went home, you can't find it at all..

I think this could make this feature easier ^^


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