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#1 2014-01-31 16:14:51

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Some suggestions about tiles/items

I got a new idea of a tile/item:

Motion detector.
It simply works like a button in this way: If you see the button, the button see you, and activates, carrying current. (Regardless on how the "button" see you, through a window or whatever)
This regardless of which direction of button you are at.
The only way to disable a motion detector is to throw a brick on it, or Cut wires to/from it.

Changes to Trap door:
Would suggest that Trap door starts locked (safe), and upon receiving Power, or loses Power (depending on setting), it will turn deadly (pit), but never reset again.
This is more realistic, since trap doors are normally contructed with a free falling door and a lock that keeps the door shut. When lock opens, the door falls down with gravity, and can't logically Close itself when lock relocks.

I also would suggest a new tile sytem:
Instead of each variant of tile (For example Pressure switch, starts off, Pressure switch, starts on) being available as different tiles, make different variants of same tile under a sub menu (Like Portal's map editor).

And in this, I suggest some new tiles. (For example H-wired and V-wired walls, and inverted variants of almost Everything, except for Electric floor, which logically can't be inverted)
Also right-clicking a tile in-game should bring up the suggested submenu to change tile type.

For example this menu system:

Wood wall
---> Standard
---> Wired
---> Vertically Wired
---> Horizitionally Wired
Steel Wall
---> Standard
---> Wired
---> Vertically Wired
---> Horizitionally Wired
Concrete Wall
---> Standard
---> Wired
---> Vertically Wired
---> Horizitionally Wired
Pressure Toggle Switch
---> Default On
---> Default Off
Sticking Pressure Switch
---> Default On (Sticks to off)
---> Default Off (Sticks to on)
Rotary Toggle Switch
---> Starts vertical
---> Starts horizitional
Trap door
---> Opens at Power.
---> Opens at loss of Power.
Voltage Triggered Switch
---> Normal
---> Inverted
---> Sticking Normal
---> Sticking Inverted
Powered Door
---> Power = Open
---> Power = Closed
Panic button
---> Default On (Eg Cuts Power when family steps on it)
---> Default Off (As now)
Motion Detector (new suggested item)
---> Normal
---> Inverted
---> Sticking Normal
---> Sticking Inverted

Also putting a wire over a wall, could automatically switch that wall tile to the corresponding wire type, same with remove wire.
Using Wire to remove a Wired wall could automatically switch the wall tile to standard.
Using Empty wall to remove a Wired wall could automatically swtich the wall to a plain wire without wall.
Putting a Standard wall over a wire could Place the corresponding wall tile instead of placing a wire-less wall.


#2 2014-01-31 17:29:49

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Re: Some suggestions about tiles/items

Firstly - a motion detector as you described is already possible with a cat that steps on a sticking switch.

In terms of trap doors, they are currently an interesting item in that they are the only tile that is deadly when unpowered and safe when powered giving them many uses. Your suggestion would make them much less versatile and given the minimalist design of the game it wouldn't really work.

And on the last part, Jason intends the interface to be simple and for people to work around these constraints. Check out the question on rotating tiles in the FAQ. Plus wired concrete walls would be way over powered smile.


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