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#1 2014-01-31 16:23:33

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Different house sizes

To make it easier for new players to come into the game, I would suggest different house sizes.

For example, you start with 10 000 $ instead of 2 000 $, and start without a house.

First you must select a house. It can be like 10x10 house, 10x50 house, 50x50 house and so on, could be lots of variants, some with the entry mat in one of the corners, some more like 50x5 (long corridor), and many more variants. (The house used currently in game could cost 8000$ to keep the balance)
And each house have a price, so buying a smaller house will give you more Money for traps and Tools, and vice versa.
And you can at any time buy a new house.

This means that you can buy a small house - then you won't get so much room for traps, but also make it harder for the robberier to circumvent the traps since outer walls are inpassable - but the traps might be easier since theres no much space for complicated Electronics.
Giving balance for new players.


#2 2014-01-31 17:46:37

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Re: Different house sizes

Instead of creating a new thread for each new idea, it would be better to post them in the Suggestions Thread: … php?id=700

Keeps the forum cleaner and easier to read.


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