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David, or Joseph John Duke here

Hello, I came in to give some feedback about the game.
so I have been playing this game for about a week or two, failed hard at the start like most people. my first "successful house" had about 55 ppl tried 20 died and then got robbed, my 2nd house was Joseph John Duke which had about 500-700 people trying, and about 330 deaths total and has been on the top with 90k for most of today, but there have been far better houses i know:).
I killed myself by mistake after testing my own house due to lack of care, and honestly i was mad when my first house was robbed, but wasn't mad when i ruined this far better home.
I'll explain why at least for me:
first I want to say I LOVE this game and can say much more positive things about it than negative.

(I realize you didn't ask for my life story but this is more for the developer than for players)
I started by robbing a 7.3k house and pretty much spent all of it on my house. knowing how painful it is to lose all the work I've done, I did not have the guts to go rob another house with good money in it, so i resorted to finding houses that are either no challenge or easy as hell, after I was confident my house can get me money and is hard to rob I stopped doing it and slowly built a maze with many ways to go and die, and watching the people die was entertaining for awhile.
but then that is pretty much all you come to do, to watch who died in your house.
you could go rob people you say?. yes I could, but honestly I had a house that when I went to sleep was worth 200 dollars, and when I came back was worth 25k, I put so much work into it, and I want to continue building it.
this mentality exists with many other players, how do I know?, because I've seen enough tapes, and the vast majority of players who came to my house either had no tools, scouted around my house and died, or brought 2k dollars worth of tools, and died. I only recall 2 people from those 500-700 people who actually brought many tools and only 1 person out of all these people managed to see the door to my vault which was closed and he had no explosives or crowbar.
so what I'm very slowly getting at here is, people who have a decent house need to be motivated to rob other people's houses, because all I was getting with my top of the list house is people who really, really didn't come prepared, and the change to 50$ bounties from 200 which already felt lame to me, made me lose all sense of progression.
my idea to fix this:
make robbers and house builders two different "classes" if you will, where there's a leader board for robbers and a leader board for builders, and perhaps even a class for people who do both things.
a robber will not have a house, but any dollars he made by robbing will be given to the house builder when he dies.
this will motivate people to rob more and become better at it, so a house builder such as myself doesn't have to watch 200 noobs die in a stupid way, I was just waiting for someone to come close to robbing me or rob me so that I can think what to improve next time, but all I was getting was an idiot who walks past my obvious commitment trap with no tools and die in less than 30 steps.
as for the house builder class, he should probably start with more money than the robber does, I haven't given it much thought but with the average skill, if you can call it that, of robbers currently I don't see much problem for most house builders to amass money from bounties.
and last but not least I'll say that when my wife and children died, my house became A LOT harder to rob, and allowed me to trap scouters who brought no tools, next time i decide to play again I will ask a friend to buy 3 clubs and kill my family right away, if the "family must have a clear path" mechanic still exists.
I hope this helped in anyway, maybe I'm missing some bigger picture, maybe not a lot of people feel this way, and there's probably better ideas to encourage robberies, but this is my opinion, thanks for a great game but now I must stop playing it, I became far too addicted lol.
I will definitely check it again at a later time and hope to see more items to buy both for robbing and building houses, til then, good bye:).


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