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#1 2014-02-04 20:56:21

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Fun while it lasted on the top

I had a fun time these past hours watching videos while i was near/at the top. I was Adam Bernard Hyden, and i got robbed by Michael Casey Talton. Kudos. I never had such a hard house but i had real fun building it and it was my first time every completing a design. I got so much to learn and will make my next house A LOT better.

This is the castledraft of my house:

If anyone wants i can write out an explanation if need be.

I did take some of blips posted map because i really like that idea at the top and i made it better i think, but now i need a new idea because this is easy to bruteforce.

And whoever Ivan Andrew Reneau was that just walked into my house and blew up the EXACT right walls to get straight to my vault and then look at it... then walked out with all of this ( unharmed without the vaults money...i seriously want to know why?


#2 2014-02-06 16:43:35

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Re: Fun while it lasted on the top

My guess is that Michael Casey Talton is the same person as Ivan Andrew Reneau. Ivan probably was probably solving your trap then he went on his Michael account and got the money.


#3 2014-02-07 05:16:34

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Re: Fun while it lasted on the top

oh this was a few days ago. i was toolballin' around and didn't quite reach your vault. and then i had a toolball on another account and went in your house again by mistake, and since i already knew exactly where the vault was it didn't seem fair to take it, so i just ran around blowing stuff up and left.

was a nice house smile

edit: oh yeah, to make it clear, i was not whoever did rob it in the end.

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