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#1 2014-02-17 16:57:54

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Virtual me bites the dust

This is the end of the chapter in my life entitled "The Castle Doctrine". While I've had my ups and downs with the game, today hopefully marks the end of my career as a virtual Herman Mudgett with my murder castle.

Within the walls of the game, I've experienced the high's and lows of gambling, and it took my own carelessness to get myself to finally fold. And while I reflect on my time with the game, I realize all I exchanged for the rush was preciously that, time.

Time obsessing over virtual money. Waking up and logging on with gritted teeth, hoping that the time I spent the day before had been for something, but it was in vein, it would take more than that to stop me though, I'd just dust myself off and go straight back to the drawing board. I need a better plan I would say to myself, and yesterday that plan materialized. I was finally happy with my creation.

I woke up this morning and although the money from my safe had gone, my wife was alive and the house was still intact, and for the very first time since owning the game, I'd survived the night, and I was still in business.

Nothing happened for a few hours, I contemplated virtual suicide due to low funds, but my luck hadn't run out just yet.

Then I started getting visitors again, and with that the money started rolling in. I spent some of it on new traps and cleaned up the old ones, this was it, I was on a roll, what could possible go wrong? Little did I know that in just a few short minutes, my chips would be replaced by the cold emptiness of reality and a sudden urge to never play the game again.

I don't have any hard feelings towards the game, in fact I enjoyed the time I spent with it, and I more than got my money's worth, even though I feel like a pixelated hand has just slapped me across the face.

I'd like to take this last opportunity to apologize to those that fell foul to my traps, and those of you who spent time on houses I stole from.

For the people who made it to the end of this, and are wondering what happened, I was mindlessly testing my house when I ran into a Pit bull.

Thank you all and goodnight.

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