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#1 2014-02-18 20:57:18

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Idea to help new players

I keep seeing very low values houses.  Under $100.  I did a santa run on a few and later I noticed that there value was back down to almost nothing again (and back to zero visits).  I get the feeling that some new players build a house but then do not rob anyone and almost nobody visits their houses.  Eventually they give up and quit the game. 

My idea is that a player with a very low value house ($200? $300) and the total build cost of their house is very low ($2500 maybe?)  AND this player had very low robbery/kill/ house values in their history (i.e. they are not an experienced player who just spent all their money) the would see a few low value ($100-$300 maybe), server provided houses.  They wouldn't be quite as tricky as some of the experienced players fresh houses.  That way a new player that hasn't figured out, or learned from the forums, that they should do a bunch of starting money tool runs to see other houses for ideas and maybe get lucky.

Hopefully this would make the initial learning curve a bit less steep.


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