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#26 2014-02-21 18:26:47

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Re: [Idea] A tool for breaking combination locks.

Disregard that invitation for now. Since posting it I have died, rebuilt the house, and died again.


#27 2014-02-21 19:59:56

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Re: [Idea] A tool for breaking combination locks.

TyrannosaurusHax wrote:

Perhaps a new tool which is less OP such as a power generator might help in breaking these combination locks?

That would have to cost an obscene amount of money to be reasonable, not to mention greatly undermine the biggest strength - the unique strength - of a powered pit. The most extreme case I can think of quickly would currently cost one at least $13400 to brute force if I'm not mistaken.

...and it still wouldn't do you any good against an island combo lock.

$5000 is fair enough, since you can't see what's at the back without using a saw... it's still a guess if you directly power up the generator, might even waste the generator for nothing or even worst, a death if you do not bring enough additional tools...

Death is only the beginning...


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