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#1 2014-05-31 18:53:53

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The Coats Map: A Pretty Crazy Dance and a Bunch of Cats

This is the crazy little house a Mr. Coats; this one's notable for being the hardest magic dance I've ever made. Of course, that's not always a good thing, as it was incredibly stressful to self-test and probably wouldn't stop a determined brute-forcer.

The cat-lock at the bottom was my personal favorite bit of the design - it combines a combo lock and a magic dance to make an essentially unbreakable trap and forcing a robber to use a crowbar early on. This trap was sort of a proof-of-concept; ideally I'd want to get it smaller so it doesn't take up the bottom third of the house while only controlling a single door.


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#2 2014-06-02 03:01:13

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Re: The Coats Map: A Pretty Crazy Dance and a Bunch of Cats

Just a quick note: it's possible to get straight through into the 6-dog room with a 2K scout, just with a few meat. I was going to do that on my next run, actually.

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#3 2014-06-02 16:39:03

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Re: The Coats Map: A Pretty Crazy Dance and a Bunch of Cats

Yeah I like most of the design a lot, but I think I would have put more pits/concrete around the vault and use more powered doors for the protective cat.  The combo lock is a very customized and inventive way to make things confusing.  Even if you went across all the pits it would require  a lot of smashing and mapping to figure it out.

It does a good job of working around the limitations of wiring by putting several barriers between you and the vault, but the cat/combo lock all the way up to the vault is actually like one gigantic module;therefore, if you can get into the 6 dog room you can cut right to the cat, which only protects with some electric floors and a single powered door.

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