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#1 2014-07-11 12:53:02

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M.S. Thompson --- robbed for $6500

It was me.

I found a wooden house with nearly $6000 in the vault. Poor fella had no family.

It was a maze of doors and dogs inside. I was scared at first, and had to test a door or two using bricks, and made only a little progress before I found more dogs and they chased me out of the house. Can`t imagine how much you spend on kibble. They seemed a bit irate. Have you been playing with them?

In any case, on my way out the door, I glanced through a window and noticed that one of the dogs you had posted near the entrance was lagging behind. Once the coast was clear, I came back and paced lonely hallways until I found a spot. A little corner which your dog got caught on. I found I could trap your dogs in one hallway, giving myself freedom to roam while I mapped out your property... once I broke a window, that is. I knew it was safe, but every door opened had me shaking.

I came up with a plan.

And the money was mine.

Update: I later perished while fixing up my house. *facepalm*

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