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#1 2014-07-19 21:57:55

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I love this idea but it is so challenging to self test these

This is a non existent example house, but I've had a bunch of these. It is so easy to mess up self test due to accidental bugs in the map.  Going through and replacing with lights is the right thing to do but it is easy to get confused changing it back.  I've had like 5 different of these things with over 90k put into them, but in the end usually it is an unpowered trapdoor or a electric floor that is in the wrong spot that gets me.  Specifically, what I mean is the 1 bit clocks and alternating floors.  It seems with this method you can reinforce a door with more than just a powered door and wood.  For example, this house would require like 7 ladder, 1 crowbar, a crapload of saws/wirecutters/water.  Although I suppose you could ladder across to the magic dance area, but this part could easily be improved.

It seems that this is the only way to do this.  For example, for each modular trap, you can realy only protect one module with a single trapdoor/powered door because the rest can just be sawed through.  This resulted in a lot of maps that have many modules and very thick wooden walls to protect on combo lock maps.  However, using multiple single bit clocks to power alternating floors makes it so it is impossible ot use tools without doing it from the doormat.  Anybody else tried this?

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